About us


What is prager's?

What came first - apple or tea? In 2021, under the brand of F.H. Prager, we introduced the the very first non-alcoholic cider to the Czechoslovak market. This was our ticket to the world of low-alcohol fermentation. And it was also the beginning of PRAGER'S - a project in which we decided to experiment with fermentation. And we started with tea.

From apple to tea

Our first steps with low-alcoholic fermentation begun with the Non-alcoholic cider...


Besides apples, we were enchanted by tea and its fermentation. We have started to experiment with microbial cultures and various types of tea until we found the perfect combination of premium quality tea and acids created by fermentation. OUR FIRST KOMBUCHA WAS BORN.

Just the begining

Our vision is to expand the PRAGER'S portfolio with more fermented beverages. Whether it is long forgotten recipes or drinks that might not exist yet, we will be looking for the most unique tastes and ideas.



Although our project is still in its early days, sustainability has been in our DNA from the very first steps. Whether it is the choice of raw materials, suppliers or packaging solutions, sustainability is one of the main decision factors along with quality and price. One of our most effective solutions has been a decision to choose returnable bottles.

Kombucha original illustration

Our mission

We are explorers, we are brave and unconventional and we pursue our goals. We are looking for new and unique tastes and their combinations. We are fascinated by fermentation which has become our key to unknown and mysterious worlds.



You can't build a house without a solid foundation. Likewise, you can't make a quality drink without using the best ingredients!


We want to produce quality and unusual drinks, but not at the expense of taste! It is crucial for us that our products are not only innovative, but also that their taste can put smiles on people's faces.


One of the main pillars of PRAGER'S was to create drinks that not only taste good, but are also functional and add value where it is needed in today's hectic times.

Distinctive design

Our product labels work as a portal to the worlds from which our products come. And thanks to them, you'll always recognize us!